The 10th edition of the Alfa Centauri EM festival took place on May 15, 2004, venue: Graaf Wichman / Huizen.

On stage was Dweller at the Threshold, consisting of Dave Fulton, Giles Reaves and Paul Vnuk. They also performed as a new project Fragment of a Dream.

We got the following pictures from Dave Fulton – not only pics of the performance but also from the days of rehearsal in the Hague …. and other places.

The musicians left some nice notes for us:

Dave: Hi Folks, I am posting a few photos from DATT’s trip to the NL and performance at Alfa. I will write something up when I get some time, it was a high point for us and a moment of considerable change for DATT. Awesome time. Interesting, I cannot tag Giles Reaves and Paul A Vnuk Jr on the photos themselves. Missing: The guy who did not show up, John Duval.

Paul: One of the best times of my life making awesome music with great friends!

Dave: Great memories indeed. Drunken early morning train rides. Parties on roofs. Tickets on trains! ohh.. Those had nothing to to with Alfa. But they were fun.