2nd Alfa Centauri EM Festival – Real Virtuality Project

The first two Alfa Centauri EM Festivals took place 11th of June, 1994 and March 18, 1995 in a small venue ‘The Holleblok’ in Huizen.

The Real Virtuality Project (Ronald Wijnands & Rolf Van Slooten) performed on both events, with impressive music and even more impressive 3D animations.

Here are some pictures from the Real VIrtuality Project.

Rolf and Ronald remembering: “In 1995 or was it our first concert in 1994?. We rented this Volkswagen van, to transport our gear to our first (or second) Alpha Centauri concert at The Holleblok in Huizen. We didn’t have technology with our reach to put animation and graphics on videotape. Rolf made about 400+ slides, photographed them directly from my computer screen (which were not flat at that time). Ronald created a computer/projector interface, and Rolf wrote software to control the slides.”

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