The 4th Alfa Centauri EM festival took place on Saturday March 1, 1997. Venue: Theatre 3-in-1, in Huizen. One of the performing groups was Friends of Alfa Centauri: consisting of Marcel Engels, Paul Bliekendaal, Ronald Wijnands, Eric Beekveldt and Ivo keers.

After we published these pictures, we got some responses from musicians involved:

Marcel Engels: Boy almost 24 years ago! I can remember that we each played our own songs, with the other putting some effects on it so as not to completely change the song. And that we did an improvised song(s) together. I think I still have this on videotape somewhere.

Ronald Wijnands: Haha, nice to see this again! What I do remember is that there was indeed a lot of improvisation, which was very enjoyable. Picking and throwing samples in the Akai S900 every time 😅. It turned out well.

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