You and us

Are you a real synth enthousiast?

We mean…. are you eating synths for breakfast?

Are you ….

  • Into synthesizers since you were only just able to walk?
  • Getting excited when you see (lots of) knobs, patchcables, displays, blinking leds….
  • Using analog or digital synths since early days?
  • Building synths yourself?
  • Reading as many books, magazines, articles and technical documents as you can get your hands on?
  • Watching (vintage) video clips with synth artists?
  • Eager to know which artists used wich synth when and how?
  • Listening to music trying to identify the synth (or even preset or patch settings) used?
  • …..
  • Or have you just entered the astonishing and creative world of synthesizers and want to know ‘all about it’ ?

Then we guess you are (about to become) a synth addict like us 🙂

Why this website.

We launched this site with the idea to make this a resourceful place for synth enthousiasts. Wether it be new or old synth music (artists, releases, concerts) or interesting images, samples, documents, articles, books and mags from our own collection and you are invited to submit your contributions as well.

This is a free site, in need of funds to extend webspace

We are planning to buy more webspace for a large image and documents library, sound and video samples and more. It can only be done if we get some help.

You are kindly invited to donate a small amount to make future expansion of this site possible.

Easily pay a donation by using the Paypal app on your mobile phone: scan the following QR code to donate.