AGE – Electronic Music from Belgium

AGE are Emanuel D’haeyere & Guy Vachaudez. It was in 1977 that AGE officially started to make their own productions. It was from that moment on that we went live with concerts. AGE experimented with several styles ranging from deep space music, sequencer songs to real classic electro pop ambient. By experimenting with different styles AGE developed its own ‘sound signature’ in EM for more 40 years.

Age also released the Albums Parallels and Seasons of a Decade, Néphélomance, Shadows behind me and Hypnagogie. We hope to upload more info, or maybe even reviews of these albums, soon.

Watching old pictures is magical. Memory is able to instantly bring alive moments, people, events or atmospheres with their sensations and emotions. Time Capsule is the musical evocation of 12 pictures. 
Several titles are self-explanatory. But not all of them… Our First Walk is my most beautiful story. That of meeting a young girl almost 50 years ago… The White Gull evokes the flight of a seagull: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.  My Friend, another encounter. A musician, my friend for 45 years, the other man of AGE … 
The Organist recreates the atmosphere of an old church I was visiting when suddenly an organist began to improvise. The Three Pianists brings together the music that I like to hear, from romantic to light jazz, passing through the powerful sounds that remind me of Dmitri Shostakovich and some of his music pieces. Wisdom is in harmony, evenness of temper. But not life or what we are going through. Time Capsule tries to restore these emotions. The result is a heterogeneous album with very diverse atmospheres and sounds. 

AGE – Album time capsule available through bandcamp. You can also visit AGE’s website here.

Guy Vachaudez added the following: “Dimensions (our second album -1982) will be released on Bandcamp in a few days. But we don’t just live in the past… Age remains active and we are still captivated. After Parallels (2021) and Seasons of a Decade (2022), Time Capsule comes out, musical representations of photos, people or events. An album full of emotion with very different atmospheres and sounds. Thank you for all those wonderful years.’