Akikaze, Japanese for autumn wind 秋風, is the musical exploration of Pepijn Courant. No matter whether you like or dislike the music of the Japanese artist Kitaro 喜多郎, please read on and, above all, listen to the music! You will be surprised. Pepijn on his musical exploration: “As a child, I used to listen to all kinds of music. I mainly studied classical music, but also modern music such as by Béla Bartók. My seven year piano training was to have a big influence on my way of composing”.

More about Akikaze: http://www.akikaze.nl/


Akikaze released cassettes and CD albums since 1989, below is a list of musical releases::

Music from misty marshes
(MC, Synteam ST 104CMC89, 1989)

(MC, Synteam ST 106CMC90, 1990)

Leap in the dark
(MC, Synteam ST 002CMC91, 1991)

Track ‘The master and the apprentice’ on sampler ‘Land, sea and sky’
(CD, Synteam ST 007CCD91, 1991)

Track ‘A new beginning’ on sampler ‘Synbiosis’
(MC, Spheric Music, 1991)

In high places
(CD, Audio Works AW 9301, 1993)

Track ‘From Bandung to Yogyakarta’ on Sequences sampler
(CD, 1996)

(CD, Criminal records CRI 9601, 1996)

Conflicting emotions
(CD-R, Quantum Records QCD 9907, 1999)

Leap in the dark
(CD-R partly re-recorded re-release, Quantum Records QCD 033, 2002, and SynGate CD-R PCX3, 2015)

(CD, partly re-recorded re-release with bonus track, Quantum Records QCD 0464, 2004)

Track ‘The Iceland Error’ on sampler To the sky and beyond the stars
(Quantum Records QCD 0466, 2004

The age of deception
(CDR, SynGate CD-R 2135, 2008) 

Music from the Mesozoic (CDR, SynGate CD-R 2163, 2009)

Track ‘Freewheeler’ on sampler ‘The Collective Volume 1’
(CD-R, SynGate CD-R 2030, 2010)

Sense of urgency
(CD-R, Criminal Records, CRI 1301, 2013, and SynGate CD-R PCX2, 2015)

Blue sky events
(CD-R, Criminal Records, CRI 1401, 2014)

(CD-R, unreleased, 2015)

Music from misty marshes
(CD-R, partly re-recorded re-release, SynGate CD-R PCX4, 2015)

(CD, Spheric Music, SMCD 3011, October 2017)

(Download, DistroKid, 2019 and CD R Groove GRCDR100007)

(CD, Groove Unlimited, GR-294, 2020)

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