April 28, 2001, the 8th edition of the Alfa Centauri EM festival took place. Moving to a new, larger, venue was quite a risky business, but …. we had quite a line-up so we had to offer the performers and the audience a better venue compared to the one we had been using during the first years Huizen (theatre 3-in-1).

The line up was:

  • Rick Wakeman
  • Lightwave
  • Roedelius & Alquimia
  • Peter Mergener

And besides that there was this last minute – big surprise – :

  • Erik Norlander together with Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon)

We will publish the many stories and opinions of this event, but we thought it would be a nice idea to start with a small batch of pictures from the Wakeman en Norlander performance.

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