Arduino based Korg Minipops – DIY

An Ionized O2 MiniPop

This is an Arduino Nano based emulation of a Korg Mini Pops drum machine. It follows Jan Ostman’s O2 from 2016 with additional features and optimizations to connect to the Korg SQ-1 sequencer.

In addition to the standard 16 drum patterns and 8 samples the following features are provided:

New Features

  • Analog pitch control via potentiometer or CV input. Changing the pitch will change the tempo as well because pitch control is achieved by changing the interrupt timing.
  • Combined CV / potentiometer input for selecting a sample (rising edge) and triggering it (falling edge). Compatible with the littleBits OUT of the Korg SQ-1 sequencer.
  • Manual S Trigger input for triggering the selected sample.
  • Bi directional clocking: Turning tempo all the way down disables internal clock and switches system to clock input.
  • CV input for tempo control.
  • CV input for drum pattern selection.
  • Double functionality for A0-A3: Sequence counter when running, pattern number when stopped. LEDs or a display connected to these pins make pattern selection easier.

Scroll down for the schematics or go to the original website for building instructions.

The original Minipops.