Are you …

… a real synth enthousiast?

We mean…. are you eating synths for breakfast?

Are you ….

  • Into synthesizers since you were only just able to walk?
  • Getting excited when you see (lots of) knobs, patchcables, displays, blinking leds….
  • Using analog or digital synths since early days?
  • Building synths yourself?
  • Reading as many books, magazines, articles and technical documents as you can get your hands on?
  • Watching (vintage) video clips with synth artists?
  • Eager to know which artists used wich synth when and how?
  • Listening to music trying to identify the synth (or even preset or patch settings) used?
  • …..
  • Or have you just entered the astonishing and creative world of synthesizers to know ‘all about it’ ?

Then we guess you are (about to become) a synth addict like us 🙂