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Sound on Sound – Node

This article, produced by Nigel Humberstone, appeared in Sound on Sound magazine, December 1995. Please note that all (c) are…

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Kitaro: Down silk roads

This article, created by Paul Tingen, appeared in Sound on Sound, September 1996. Please note that all (c) are with…

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The sample revolution

Dutch Interface magazine had a feature on the Fairlight CMI and a review of the (Youtube) movie about the Fairlight…

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Roland Jupiter-4

This review, written by Si Truss, of the original Jupiter-4 and its Roaldn cloud (polyphonic) version appeared at Please…

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Mark Shreeve passed away

Thursday, September 1st, 2022 we received the news of the passing of Mark Shreeve. Mark, famous for his brilliant solo…

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