Arturia have revealed Filter MS-20, an effects plug-in which uses the company’s True Analog Emulation technology to model the filter section of Korg’s iconic MS-20 synthesizer. To celebrate the holiday season, the plug-in will be available for free for anyone to download until 2 January 2023.

The plug-in’s Distortion and Filter sections promise to deliver the sonic character that made the MS-20 popular, offering a range of howling filter sweeps and overdriven tones which can be enhanced with some modern modulation functions. The two sections can also be re-routed, allowing the filter to be placed either before or after the distortion.

The Filter section is equipped with a Master Cutoff control along with High Pass and Low Pass parameters, each of which are joined by a Peak control. The section has also gained a Stereo knob, allowing users to manipulate the overall width of their source. The Distortion section then offers a Drive control accompanied by Low Cut and High Cut parameters, with a Dry/Wet control providing parallel distortion functionality, and an Output knob taking care of gain staging duties.

Master Mix, Movement, and FX Level controls are provided in the plug-in’s Output section, and the GUI can be extended to reveal the plug-in’s range of modulation options. Envelope Follower, Step Sequencer, and Function Generator pages are available, with each providing a range of parameters designed to help users introduce some movement into their sounds.

Pricing & Availability

Filter MS-20 is available now, and will be free until 2 January 2023, after which it will be priced at €99.