About Peru and Nova – we almost forgot this one! Look at young (Red) Peter Kommers, (Blue) Ruud van Es and (whtie) Rob Papen.

Nova was a Dutch electronic music band, who reached the number 1 position in the Dutch Top 40 in 1982 with the instrumental “Aurora”. The group consisted of Rob Papen, Ruud van Es and Peter Kommers. Later in 1982, the group scored another hit called “Sol”.

The three members of the band also performed under the name Peru. Nova was the “commercial” branch of Peru. After Nova’s success, the group went on as Peru. Using this name, the group had another modest hit in the Dutch single charts with the song “Africa”. Rob Papen and Ruud van Es are still active in producing music, albeit no longer under the names Nova nor Peru. “Aurora” reached no. 1 in the Dutch Top 40 on April 10, 1982. “Aurora” originated as a theme from a Peru song called “Sons of Dawn”. Willem van Kooten, former director of the record company Red Bullet, discovered the song and, with help from producer Chris Pilgram, helped make it a number-1 hit in the Netherlands and the definitive breakthrough for both Nova and Peru. Broadcast date: 23 March 1982

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