BBC micro – UMI Midi interface

In a post of some days ago, we introduced the videoclip in which Vince Clarke is working in his studio and using the BBC B computer for midi sequencing. In the same post we included a review of the UMI 2B midi sequencer for BBC (taken from Sound on Sound magazine. We got quite some questions about this midi interface and currently we are diving into our archives to get more info on this website.

Below you will find some images (also taken from Matrixsynth) and further below we have included the user manual of the UMI 4M interface. We are doing our best to get as much info on the different UMI models. So come back soon.

Do you own any brochures, manuals, pictures or other information on BBC / synthesizer software/hardware please let us know through our contact page.

UMI 4M User manual (+ addendum)