Believe it or not: a toy CS-80?

Behringer is currently asking on their social media channels if the community is interested in a CS Mini. A mini Synthesizer that takes inspiration on the iconic Yamaha CS-80 polyphonic analog Synthesizer.

They will miniaturize a cloned/recreated CS80 voice and will put in a mini box. They plan to add 3-note polyphony, MIDI as well as a motion sequencer that we know from the other mini synth announcements.

On the front panel, we can see the VCO section (saw, square, sine), noise, a sub oscillator/LFO, a lowpass VCF section with resonance, and a ADSR envelope. There will also be the well-known touch keyboard with various functions. This will probably not have presets but you can probably store sequence patterns. A good update on the upcoming mini synths is the new USB-C socket.

Behringer says that the CS-Mini is so far a design proposal and not a finished product. They estimate a retail price of € 99.

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