Behringer have announced that whilst they work on their full key version of the Jupiter 8, they have come up with a new prototype currently named, JT-2, is “an authentic Jupiter voice based on the same VCOs and VCFs, plus an autotune and arpeggiator function“.

Looking at the three images supplied, the unit certainly bears all the visual hallmarks of the classic Roland polysynth. The key difference here is that distinct lack of the other 7 voices. The branding states that it is an analog paraphonic synthesizer. This statement and the number 2 in the name suggests that it might actually be able to play two notes, albeit with the second note not re-triggering the VCF and VCA.

Behringer claim that they believe they can make this for an RRP of $299 USD. This would make it slightly cheaper than Roland’s own JP-08 which is polyphonic, if only 4 voice. Other than being Eurorack compatible, one has to wonder why anyone would entertain the Behringer over a genuine Roland. The obvious answer is that the JP-08 is discontinued!