March 1, 2022: Behringer announces another new ‘breaking’ synth: the Proton.

They announce the proton as an evolution of one of its own synths which updates the Neutron with enough new features for the brand to dub it “the most powerful and complex semi-modular synth ever designed” – a pretty bold statement, to say the least.

Proton, described as “like having several synthesizers in one casing” features dual analogue oscillators with five blendable waveforms, along with self-oscillating, multi-mode filters that you can run in series or parallel. It also has independent sub oscillators and a (rather massive) 64-point patch bay.

The system also supports paraphonic play modes, two ASR envelopes, two ADSR generators for modulating VCFs and a noise generator for further waveform generation. In total, the rather complex synth features 68 controls with which to shape your sound and perform.

Proton is also MIDI compatible with voice priority selection and can be fitted into a standard Eurorack case, meaning it can join the rest of your setup if you’re already into modular systems. Otherwise, it’s perfectly capable of functioning as an instrument by itself.

No date of availability yet, price will probably be around € 299 …..

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