Last year we lost another “great” from the electronic music scene, Mark Shreeve. Mark was a lovely, unassuming guy, and his contribution to the em scene was immense.

‘Berlin – A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve’ is a new collection of over two and a half hours of previously unreleased and amazing electronic music tracks created by sixteen established electronic music bands, including Mark, from Europe and USA, dedicated to Mark Shreeve, renowned creator, and performer of exceptional electronic music from the late 1970s up until his passing in 2022. A forty-three-page colour booklet is included, covering track/artist information, Mark’s career, discography, tributes, and more. All proceeds go to cancer research. 

Mark’s brother -Julian – wrote the following: “This Tribute Album, and this accompanying booklet, are expressions of respect, love, and acknowledgement for Mark Shreeve and the value he brought to the world of electronic music through his unswerving passion and talents. All artists featured on the album have generously donated their music, previously unreleased, and in most cases their tracks were written specially for this album, except for tracks written by Mark himself, which were also never previously released. This album is a charity fundraising project where all profits go directly to furthering their important work in saving people’s lives. Mark was a dedicated creator and performer of music and has left a rich legacy of compositions which are widely appreciated in the world of electronic music. The accompanying forty-three-page colour booklet includes track/artist information, Mark’s career, discography, written tributes from many people who were impacted by Mark’s contribution… and more. The booklet automatically downloads alongside the audio files. We hope you enjoy the music and this booklet and thank you for supporting cancer research by purchasing this celebratory album.”


Released August 2, 2023. All tracks composed, played, recorded & produced by contributing artists: Redshift, Ode, Radio Massacre International, Jasun Martz, Oscillator_three, [‘ramp], Ian Boddy, David Wright, Ashok Prema, Air Sculpture, ARC, The 5th Manikin, Chuck Van Zyl, Ron Boots, Wavestar II, and Mark Shreeve.

You can find the album at the special tribute bandcamp page.