There are quite some books on DIY projects to build your own synthesizer. Besides the well-known projects and books there are some lesser known publications. Such as by Helmut Tünker, Babani, books on various incarnations of the Elektor Formant synthesizer, and of course several series of articles in various Electronics magazines.

We found this little book, written bij M.K. Berry in 1981. It offers a modular approach for building:

  • A single chip synthesizer, built around the SN76477N
  • Analog delay line
  • Programmable sequencer
  • Building VCO’s
  • ADSR Envelope shaper
  • Power supply
  • Assembling the building blocks and applications.

The book describes theoretical backgrounds of the different electronic schemes provided, and it gives possibilities to design your own modules or expand existing ideas.

As far as we know the book isn’t available anymore, and is a rare find in the 2nd hand market. Therefore we’ll include a downloadable pdf of the scanned pages, below.

Downloadable pdf