I wasn’t aware of this until some days ago, but for some time a Bob Moog plastic figure was available. This is what I found at presspop.toys:


This is the official Bob Moog doll authorized by Moog Music Inc. Bob Moog is the genius inventor of many electronical musical instrument including the Moog synthesizer respected by many musicians. This doll was made to celebrate the 50 years of his electronic genius. Both the doll and the box artwork was originally designed by Archer Prewitt, author of “Sof’Boy.”

  • Designed by : Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake/SOF’BOY)
  • Sculpted by: Kei Hinotani
  • Size: 17cm
  • Material: Soft vinyl
  • Moveable: neck, arms
  • Accessories: jacket, eyeglasses, mini-moog
  • Release date: 2005
  • Limited 1000
  • Made in China
  • © Moog Music Inc.
  • © Archer Prewitt

Actually it has become availabel somewhere in 2004. I found this on the Retro thing website, by Bohus:

This vinyl figure came out a year or two ago, well before the world lost Dr. Moog.  The ghostly palor strikes me as a weird choice, but PressPop did a great job on the sculpt.  Lots of nice extra details too, like removable glasses, cloth jacket, and of course a tiny Moog keyboard for the good Doctor to jam on forever.  The box is a definite keeper too.

I think that these are pretty universally out of stock, but a new run is supposedly coming to this country in the future.  The figure costs about $30, so don’t let some Ebay dealer take you to the cleaners on this!

As whimsical as this figure is, I think that it’s a warm tribute to the man.  Everything that I’ve read about Dr. Moog paints him as a fiercely intelligent yet humble man.  In the future I have no doubt that someone will erect a marble statue, or a ten foot high relief somewhere.  On the other hand, I think that there’s a good chance that he might have preferred to have been immortalized in an affordable and fun little figure.