I was trying to find info about Maplin synthesizers and the so called Maplin 600 note sequencer, which was developed in 1981-1982 and was said to be featured in the Maplin Electronics magazine. But I couldn’t find it so while surfing for the original documents I discovered this website of Bygonebytes, created by Derek Walker. Not only does it feature Maplin projects, it has far more subjects that fit my interests: building an analog modular synth, but also a lot of info on BBC and other Acorn computers – which I used on in the 70’s and 80’s a lot.

  • Acorn Electron expansions and cartridges
  • LCD’s for the Acorn Electron
  • A lot of PCB designs for older (synth DIY) projects
  • Turning the Acorn Electron into a sequencer
  • DIY Modular synthesizer
  • BBC B, B+ and Master projects
  • Retro game machines
  • …. and lots more.

Because I feel that my interests will surely overlap that of visitors of this website I would like to direct you to bygonebytes. Have a look and find yourself back in an interesting mancave.

Projects that you will find here are, amongst others: