Rebirth reborn as a hardware synthesizer

The original version might have been released almost 25 years ago, but Propellerhead’s Roland-aping ReBirth software still holds a special place in many computer musicians’ hearts. Take Sam Battle (AKA Look …

(Updated) Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival 2

Update June 1st, 2023: This Sunday (June 4th), during X-Rated at Concertzender, you can win tickets for this festival. August 26, the 2nd edition of the Dutch Electronic Masters festival …

Wavetable #22 (music event)

Wavetable organises another night of sonic exploration on September 21st, 2023 in Edinburgh. Featuring: Ian Boddy Loula Yorke TBC Doors 7:30pm. Performances begin around 8pm. Location: Whitespace 76 East Crosscauseway Edinburgh …

Berry – Electronic Synthesizer projects (book)

We found this little book, written bij M.K. Berry in 1981. It offers a modular approach for building: a single chip synthesizer, built around the SN76477N, analog delay line, programmable sequencer, building VCO’s, ADSR Envelope shaper and more. Find a downloadable version of the book on our website page.

The history and current state of DIY Synth kits

Reverb did this background story of DIY synth projects and kits and the current state of DIY projects. Please note that this article does not cover all synth projects, and …

Doug McKechnie and the Moog synthesizer

A story about Doug McKechnie and his Moog synthesizer, which he owned from 1968. Read about his pioneering work and how his Moog was (not) featured on the Altamont Speedway show at which the Rolling Stones also appeared. The Moog was sold to Christopher Franke in 1972.

PPG synths and peripherals

Another peek into the Pile of vintage synth brochures – German/English documentation presenting different PPG gear, including pricelist of (Dutch distributor) Amazing Enterprises. You’ll find the PPG Wave 2.3 / PRK PPG Waveterm B, PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard, PPG HDU Hard disk unit and downloadable pdf files of the different brochures

Below the different scanned pages you will also find the separate brochures as downloadable pdf’s.