Doug McKechnie and the Moog synthesizer

A story about Doug McKechnie and his Moog synthesizer, which he owned from 1968. Read about his pioneering work and how his Moog was (not) featured on the Altamont Speedway show at which the Rolling Stones also appeared. The Moog was sold to Christopher Franke in 1972.

PPG synths and peripherals

Another peek into the Pile of vintage synth brochures – German/English documentation presenting different PPG gear, including pricelist of (Dutch distributor) Amazing Enterprises. You’ll find the PPG Wave 2.3 / PRK PPG Waveterm B, PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard, PPG HDU Hard disk unit and downloadable pdf files of the different brochures

Below the different scanned pages you will also find the separate brochures as downloadable pdf’s.

Synthesized event – by Centre for computing History

The Cambridge Centre for Computing History is repeating the succesfull ‘Synthesized’ event. This is a 2 day festival celebrating the computer and synthesizer technology and how these two technologies grew up together. Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2

Bob Moog’s Electric Birthday – May 23rd

If you live near Asheville (or are happy to travel) …. come to the Moogseum on Tuesday, May 23 as the downtown Asheville museum celebrates what would have been the late Bob Moog’s 89th birthday. “Bob’s …

(Updated) Suddenly the magic is back again – ARP 2500

Update: May 15, 2023: The second part of this series has been available for quite some time. Rolf Kasten from Czech Republic owns an interesting website about microcomputers and (DIY) …