Sound of Tangerine Dream – ‘White Eagle’

What is your favorite Tangerine Dream track? – Mine are ‘Bent cold sidewalk’ and ‘White Eagle‘ the latter also known as ‘The Mädchen auf der Treppe‘. (oh well – there …

PPG synths and peripherals

Another peek into the Pile of vintage synth brochures – German/English documentation presenting different PPG gear, including pricelist of (Dutch distributor) Amazing Enterprises. You’ll find the PPG Wave 2.3 / PRK PPG Waveterm B, PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard, PPG HDU Hard disk unit and downloadable pdf files of the different brochures

Below the different scanned pages you will also find the separate brochures as downloadable pdf’s.

WIn a Minimoog Model D, serial #1 ?

The Bob Moog Foundation, in collaboration with Moog Music, is excited to announce its raffle for serial #1 of the latest version of the Minimoog Model D, released in 2022. Moog Music generously donated this one-of-a-kind coveted synthesizer, worth in excess of $5,000, to support the Foundation’s mission of carrying Bob Moog’s legacy forward by inspiring people of all ages through the intersection a science, music, technology, and innovation.

Musicradar 2023 hardware polysynth guide

In the earliest days of synthesis, instruments were monophonic. They could only create a single sound at once or, in some cases, simple duophonic chords by cleverly detuning oscillators.  Musicaradar …