Jan Mathieu was one of the first musicians involved with the career of Patrick Kosmos. Jan has offered a christmas present on the Patrick Kosmos Facebook page…..

“The very first thing Patrick put on tape with me in 1982-83. We made (quite traditionally) a number of cassettes under the name Sherab. The title track trital tunnel. Only a few copies have come into the running, collector’s items. A friend told me he had seen one for sale for 351 euros! The quality of the sound is not your thing, and there is inevitably the noise from the tape. It was shot largely in Wachtebeke and Kerkhove. The basis was a TR808 Roland rhythm composer on which I programmed for months. This was then used to control the Korg synthesizers and sequencers. This song starts with alap from surbahar and drone and slides into a typical Kosmos sound carpet. The raga is Sindh Bhairavi. Then there is a first slower rhythmic part, a piece of mantra chanting with the inevitable thunderstorm in the background, a second faster ghat and finally the fast teen sixteen beats (trital) sound tunnel with mainly percussion.”

Go to the Patrick Kosmos FB page for the download.