Depeche Mode – Memento Mori

The new Depeche ModeMemento Mori is available as of today (March 24, 2023).

On Memento Mori (Latin for remember thou shalt die or remember the dead), Depeche Mode mourns Andy Fletcher, who died last year. Yet the group is alive. Without room for rivalry, album fifteen is said to be their strongest work in years. One’s dead…

From the press info: Memento Mori is Depeche Mode’s 15th studio album and its first as a two-piece lineup of Gahan and Gore, following co-founder Andrew “Fletch” Fletcher’s tragic passing in 2022. Produced by James Ford, with additional production work by Marta Salogni, Memento Mori’s gestation took place during the early stages of the Covid pandemic, resulting in themes inspired directly by that period. The album’s 12 tracks chart a vast expanse of moods and textures, from its ominous opening to its closing resolve—running the gamut from paranoia and obsession to catharsis and joy, and hitting myriad points between. The complete track listing for Memento Mori is:

  • My Cosmos Is Mine
  • Wagging Tongue
  • Ghosts Again
  • Don’t Say You Love Me
  • My Favourite Stranger
  • Soul With Me
  • Caroline’s Monkey
  • Before We Drown
  • People Are Good
  • Always You
  • Never Let Me Go
  • Speak To Me

Available through all kind of retail channels and streaming services. More info at Depeche Mode’s official website.