David Goodman, a Synth DIY’er showed some pictures of his DG 2500 Synthbuild project: “Drilling 1496 holes (the number has gone up!) takes a huge amount of time, especially if you want them in line! 3more sections to go before I get to spray them and add legends. I’m wiring them as a pin matrix so that there are no patch cables unless you need one. The centre holes (not drilled on the photos) will be a park position for the jacks. These jacks can can be replaced with a jack lead to route a different use to the buss if needed. The best part of the ARP 2500 is the huge Cherry switches (O.K… the modules) to enable such complex patching without mess.

It looks like a very ambitious but fun and promising project. We hope to add more news when David progresses with his project. Follow David Goodman on his FB page.