Before the Digisound-80 project was introduced by electronics magazines such as ETI, this modular synthesizer was already available as kit or ready built modules from Digisound. The scan of the original brochure can be found below the image and text.

This brochure is a nice introduction into the workings of this synthesizer, it describes the modules:

  • 80-2 Voltage controlled oscillator
  • 80-4 Voltage controlles mixer
  • 80-5 Processor
  • 80-6 Voltage controlled filters
  • 80-7 Voltage controlled state variable filter
  • 80-9 Voltage controlled amplifier
  • 80-10 Voltage controlled envelope generator
  • 80-11A Dual ring modulator
  • 80-12 Noise generator and Sample & Hold
  • 80-13 External input
  • 80-14 Stereo power amplifier
  • 80-16 Dual resonant filter
  • 80-18 Dual multifunction envelope generator
  • 80-18A Dual ADSR envelope generator
  • 80-19 Dual voltage controlled low frequency oscillator
  • 80-15 Keyboard controller
  • 80-15A, 80-15B and 80-15C Keyboard PCB’s
  • 80-15D1 Keyboard logic controller
  • 80-15D2 Digital to analogue converter
  • 80-15D3 Logic status indicator
  • 80-15E Octave shift, X-Y controller and touch trigger
  • Alphadac synthesizer controller
  • 80-17 Reverbaration unit
  • 80-21 Voltage controlled digital oscillator
  • The memorizer
  • Range of electronic drum modules: El-Tom, El-Tom+, El-Cymb
  • Modular Parametric Filter

Soon we will also upload an OCR version of this brochure.

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