Don Slepian tests the EMEAPP’s Realistic MG-1

What do you get when you throw Moog into a blender with Radio Shack? The Realistic Concertmate MG-1, of course! Similar to the Moog Rogue, the MG-1 differs in that it adds an organlike polyphonic mode that even routes through the synth filter. Some folks love it, others not so much, but electronic music pioneer Don Slepian will give you the intel so you can decide.

The Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project (EMEAPP) is the steward of a privately held world-class curated collection of rare vintage electronic instruments and stage-used gear. This includes effects units, amps, organs, synthesizers, electro-mechanical instruments, guitars, prototypes, vintage audio/video media and analog studio gear. In addition, EMEAPP itself is developing its own focused collection.

It is our charge to cultivate and reap excellent knowledge from these unique resources and return it to our members and the world. We do this as a learning center, through research projects, creative endeavors, media programming and tours, enlightening many people along the way. There is so much to be harvested from history and EMEAPP has a key to the vault.

EMEAPP is a private museum, a critical learning center and a multi-media production studio nicely packed into a brick-and-mortar facility outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

More info can be found on the EMEAPP website.