Dreams Out Of Joint – A Tribute to Philip K. Dick 

This is a tribute to one of the true literary prophets of science fiction, a cyberpunk philosopher, a visionary to whom God himself whispered timeless truths for which we were not ready yet: Philip K. Dick, by electronic, ambient, and experimental artists from all over the world. 

The album is available through Bandcamp.

The album is divided into two phases: 

Phase 1

Each song is inspired by a different novel/short story by Philip K. Dick (indicated in the parenthesis after the song title). 

Phase 2

The songs are grouped into blocks. Each block represents songs inspired by the same book (indicated in the parenthesis), so they function as micro soundtracks of the title in question, and a unique opportunity to compare how the same story can inspire interesting creations so different from each other depending on the artist. 

Thank you so much to all the brilliant artists who joined me in this special project. You are all mad geniuses! 

I dedicate this album to a guardian angel with big ears and eternity eyes who left our earthly plane while completing this enterprise. Her soul is still around, blessing this project.