Update 4: In today’s Groove newsletter the following was announced: Rob Papen had a great idea for this E-Day. And after a cool telephone call with Rob I said yes within a second!!  So!! Last week there was a great loss to the electronic music scene with the death of Klaus Schulze. There will be a musical tribute on E-Day 14 May by two well-known Dutch musicians, Rob Papen and Ron Boots in honour of Klaus. Both have always been very influenced by Klaus!! 

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Update 3: Airsculpture (Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczinsky) wrote about there forthcoming performance on E-live: “Sorry it’s been quiet for a while – a dose of Covid hasn’t helped! Our E-Day concert in Eindhoven is less than two weeks away. We will be playing as a duo – nothing sinister, but it turned out Pete couldn’t manage it this time and we really didn’t want to miss this chance to play. Obviously this throws some challenges our way but we know we can make enough noise to cover the gaps. We’ll also be releasing a duo album on the day, under the Beasley & Christian moniker. And John’s new solo album Via Australis will be there – an unusually competent bit of merching! Hope we’ll see some of you there… it’s getting close and getting real!

E-day will be on saturday May 14th. Location: Natlab Eindhoven. Artists on the main stage: Däcker – NL, Steve Baltes and Pyramaxx.

Dutchman Peter Dekker (1973) remembers to have music in his head constantly since he was a 4-years old boy. It takes until his 9th when he comes up with his first compositions. In first instance Peter takes piano lessons and writes piano pieces, and as soon as he obtains his first keyboard on his 15th birthday, he starts to make electronic music. Now, 32 years later, Peter owns more than 50 electronic music instruments, with which he composed and recorded an uncountable amount of music. Peter could be working for days and even weeks on real compositions, but above all he prefers to create music in the most direct and spontaneous way: just sit and play. He tries to reflect his widely oriented musical taste and interests into his compositions, especially those styles you wouldn’t associate with electronica in the first place, like rock, jazz and latin. Main inspirators include Vangelis, Nova / Peru, Jean Michel Jarre, Neuronium, Ed Starink and Jun Fukamachi. With his alter ego Däcker, Peter explores a musical style which also has obvious links with a certain electronic music movement from Germany. Peter Dekker sees himself as a composer using synthesizers for the creation of his music, rather than a synthesizer composer or musician of electronic music.

Steve Baltes – Germany. Steve Baltes has been producing synthetic music with various acts and projects since 1994. Initially in the techno and trance field, then as the youngest member of the cult band Ashra around Manuel Göttsching. and for several years finally also with Torsten Verlinden as duo Artic Sunrise.
And his brilliant music with Stefan Erbe and among the best EM releases of the last 10 years “BOCHUM SKY”

Pyramaxx – Germany

PYRAMAXX is the common project of the Leverkusen/Germany based band Pyramid Peak (Axel Stupplich & Andreas Morsch) and guitar player Max maxxess Schiefele. PYRAMAXX was founded in February 2015 as a logical consequence of the collaboration of 3 musicians and good friends, which used to perform together from time to time for than 10 years. Finally their musical cooperation has reached its climax in two fantastic albums: Distance (2015) / MOVE (2017) PYRAMAXX define their music as “ERM – Electronic Rock Music” and sound powerful, melodic, sometimes experimental but first of all distinctive. If you like the music of maxxess and Pyramid Peak you will surely love this sound. Mystic atmospheres, sparkling sequences and dynamic beats can be found on every track.

More info: https://www.e-live.nl

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