Eloy Fritsch – Epic Synthesizer music (vol 1)

Epic Synthesizer Music is Eloy Fritsch’s new solo album.

On this album Fritsch, former composer and keyboardist of the progressive band Apocalypse, presents us with ten instrumental songs composed with electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

The new work is influenced by synthwave, progressive rock, soundtracks and the great synthesizer legend Vangelis. The songs bring an epic and futuristic tone with the intention of referring the listener to science fiction scenarios.

(Click on the image for a teaser video of this album)

The synthwave is the new wave of synthesizers. This style emerged around the 2000s, influenced by soundtracks from the 1980s. Synthwave contributed to the return of interest in music composed using analogue and digital synthesizers, captivating a new legion of fans. Although Fritsch had already released previous works in this same style in the 1990s, he takes advantage of the current moment and piggybacks on this synthwave trend. The songs Hope Spaceship, Intergalact Journey, Digital Computer and The City of Robots aesthetically gain a retrofuturistic perspective, sounding like science fiction, video games and action movies scenes. Songs like Blue Light Source, Sentinel of Eden and Valley of Clouds have a more intimate feel without leaving the epic characteristic of the compositions.

On this album, Fritsch pays a beautiful posthumous tribute to one of his main influences, the Greek Vangelis, master of electronic soundtracks who left us in 2022. Vangelis received an Oscar for the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire and composed other famous soundtracks for the Blade Runner films and Conquest of Paradise. The composition Hymn to the Unknow Man brings us to the theme Hymn from the album Opera Savage and the composition To the Unknow Man from the album Spiral, both masterpieces by Vangelis. Epic Synthesizer Music Vol. 1 also features progressive rock songs like Traveling in the Celestial Sphere and A Glimpse of Victory with a virtuoso solo by Minimoog synthesizer. The keyboardist’s physical albums, including reissues, have been released in Europe. The album Epic Synthesizer Music Vol.1 is available on physical and digital CD via the Dutch label Groove.

This new Eloy Fritsch album can be found on Bandcamp.