We found this Vocoder 2000 Operators manual.

British synth maker EMS are known not only for their classic VCS3, but also for their unique retro vocoders. Designed by Tim Orr, the EMS Vocoder 2000 is an excellent voice synthesizer comparable to the Roland SVC-350. It has been around since the late seventies, and is still available to this day. The Vocoder 2000 offered 16-channels of vocoding with filters, mic/line inputs, oscillator and noise sources, voiced/unvoiced detector, and slew/freeze control. Its has 22 band analysis and synthesis sections which can accurately superimpose the spectral content of one signal upon another. By use of the pin matrix it is possible to transmute the sex and age of the voice that is input into the unit. 

Below you’ll find the manual, followed by a Youtube video demonstrating the Vocoder 2000 sound.

Curious about how the Vocoder 2000 sounds? Watch this Youtube video.

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