Erik Wøllo new album – The shape of time

Erik Wøllo announced a new album to be released in January: The shape of time

Time shapes our world and our concepts. From earth’s erosion to patterns in nature ­ fossils, stone formations, crystalline ice, glaciers, or delicate shells ­ all visual images of forms show us the linear time which passed across them. Together, these ideas inspired Erik Wøllo in the creation of his latest album.

With The Shape of Time, Norwegian composer Wollo transforms the abstract into nine com- positions of thoughtful and seductive ambient electronic music with melodic soaring themes, vast slow-moving drones and rhythmic patterns drifting in cycles of transmutable harmonies. These hushed and endless moments present an exquisite collection of moods and emotions. Ranging from the vigorous and earthy to mesmerizing, evocative and wistful late-night Nordic light-scenes. All created on synthesizers, samplers, electric and acoustic guitars.

The Shape of Time invites one to the procession; it’s a sonic jewel for connoisseurs of shim- meringly expansive ambience traversed with filigreed instrumental intensity.

More info at Erik’s website.