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Michael Walen – Choose your synth

April 22, 2022

About this event

“It’s funny” says Michael Whalen. “I actually really LIKE playing live. But I’m just so busy that I hardly get a chance to. Also, the pandemic has been tough to plan things. But when I had an opportunity to come to EMEAPP and play – I absolutely had to! My new album ‘Imaginary Trains’ is all synthesizers and EMEAPP is the Cathedral of electronic music. This is a BIG moment for me.”

His new recording “Imaginary Trains” is a tour de force of haunting melodies, deep and complex textures all happening over percolating rhythms and percussion. “Imaginary Trains” is informed by over three decades of Michael’s wide-ranging musical experiences which have been heard by literally billions of people around the world on a variety of media. From hundreds of television shows and themes, dozens of films, thousands of international advertisements, video games, 38 solo albums as an artist and hundreds as a producer and sideman. Listeners, fans around the world and critics alike have marveled at Michael Whalen’s unique blend of iconic melodies, innovative sound creation and bold creative choiceswhich have distinguished him as a music artist who excels in any format or genre but saves his best and most personal music for albums like “Imaginary Trains”.

The evening will include a “behind-the scenes” tour of some of the highlights of the electronic music instrument collection at EMEAPP, a 45-minute concert and a Q&A session with Michael.

Please note: A replay of the concert will be available shortly after it concludes and it will be available for 72 hours.