Update May 26,th, 2023: We added press pictures to this post.

For her debut album “Electrify” Evren da Conceição explored the concept of self-electrification in the
gracelessness of isolation in a year-long composition process. The vehement ignoring of genre
limitations becomes the main thing: inspired by sampling techniques of old school Hip-Hop from the
East Coast and the sonic power of orchestral and symphonic productions, the ten tracks jump
between moods and intensities. Ambient, Trip-Hop, Techno, Breaks and Drum ‘n’ Bass captivate over
the entire playing time of about 70 minutes. The titular opener track “Electrify” and “Runaway”, for
example, demonstrate how functional the combination of intelligently spatialized sound designs and
precisely seated grooves can be on the dancefloor. Pieces like “Whales” and “First Track” attest to
Evren da Conceição’s sensitivity in the production of extended listening pieces. In “Willioughby” and
“KDK12” vocal samples from the 60s BBC radio production “The Twilight Zone” and from Stanley
Kubrick’s “The Shining” were utilized.

Pictures by Christiano Tekirdali 

“Electrify” was released on March 31st 2023 as catalog number 30 on the Viennese imprint
Analogique and marks two first timers: the first album release as well as the label’s first vinyl release.
“Electrify” is available now as a double vinyl and digitally.

  • Artist: Evren da Conceição
  • Album: Electrify
  • Label: Analogique
  • Catalog Number: ALQ030
  • Release Date: March 31st 2023
  • Format: digital / double vinyl LP
  • Artwork: Luka Wak

Evren da Conceição began her artistic career as an actress and performer in Istanbul, where she
trained in performance art (Studio Oyunculari) and subsequently worked in theater, film and television.
After moving to Vienna in 2003, she began to develop a transdisciplinary approach in her work, which
led to collaborations with artists and collectives such as the Viennese performance collectives God’s
Entertainment, K.J.D.T. and Das Gut, as well as residencies in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Manila
and Bangkok. Evren da Conceição is best known for her high-energy and intense DJ sets and live
performances, which are characterized by stylistic diversity. She cites the social sculpture of a
nightclub as her main source of inspiration: »I experience parties as large-scale participatory
performances that provide an experimental, open and lucid platform to try out new ideas and create a
deeper connection.«

More info at Evren’s website or at analogique