Frans Lemaire – Music composing with Acorn Atom

Belgium based musician Frans Lemaire (also known as Micado) shared a video with us, demonstrating his work with microcomputers and synthesizers in 1984. This was in a pre-midi age!

Frans wrote: “I made my first music computer In 1983 using the Acorn Atom …same family. There was no MIDI still in my portfolio. I just ended my studies and the belgian TV made a nice presentation . My life playing with the computer at that time … 38 years ago

Frans adds to this video:

I studied music and electronic engineering. In 1983 I finalized my studies with the creation of my first Music Computer and editor for analogue music synthesizers. On 19/12/1984 , the Belgian Television broadcasted my home life performance in ” CHIPS ” . I created a composition ” CHIPS ” on that occasion . I used my own designed and developped Music Computer based on – the Acorn Atom home computer – own designed D/A convertor – my Music Graphical editor (in Basic) And – CRUMAR Performer – KORG MS20 (without KORG MS50) – ROLAND 100 system (without 104 Sequencer) On the video you see many other stuff. The music was composed for this demonstration. The sequencer parts in the background are played by the Music Computer System and I only played the Crumar and the Roland m100 main melody. At that time , Midi was even not common. I bought My first MIDI Synths( Akai , Alesis and Ensoniq synths ) 4 years later. I hope you enjoy . Subscribe to my channel or bandcamp site.