Dutch electronic musician Robert Pot was one of the (two) founders of Future World Orchestra (FWO). In another post we already covered proceedings of Gerto Heupink, the other half of FWO. Today (march 10, 2022) the Dutch radio broadcasted the succesful single ‘Desire’ created by FWO and the DJ covered the story of Robert Pot. This triggered me to find out about Robert – how and what he is doing these days.

Gladly I found out that Robert has his own website. You’ll find out the story about Robert’s introduction into synthesizers and the teamup to form FWO. Robert offers sounddesign and music marketing to other artists these days. Even better: one of the websites of Robert is https://futureworldorchestra.com/

A snippet from the ‘History’ page: “Futureworld Orchestra is founded in 1980 by Robert Pot and Gerto Heupink, who both have a great interest in synthesizer-technology. After experimenting for several months, they decided to contact a record-company (Dureco) to eventually release their music. The recording session comprised the tracks Desire, I’m not afraid of the future, Airborne and Casablanca nights. Desire was the first single, released in october 1981 and became an instant Dutch hit. Interest from all over Europe came right away and releases followed quicly: Robert and Gerto visited Italy and Spain for promotional purposes. The LP-album Mission completed was released in 1982” (the rest is to find on the FWO website).

When FWO released their music in the 80’s, I was already into Electronic Music for some time. I felt the music as being very fresh and impressive, and especially non-Dutch. The recordings and production sounded perfect. I always felt that there were two different musical paths in FWO’s tracks: the electronic pop/disco sound (such as Desire and Miracles) and the electronic instrumental tracks. These instrumental tracks were on quite a different musical level (in my opinion) and I liked these the most. You should give a listen to tracks such as Airborne and Hypnos.

To my surprise I found out that in april 2010 the album Regenerated was released: an album containing the primary tracks of FWO: completely re-recorded and produced by Robert. Furthermore Robert released more albums during the years, such as Pictures of an Exhibition (you should know that Emerson, Lake & Palmer were one of the early role models for Robert), Organized, Oceans of Infinity, Hidden files and … greatest synthesizer hits volume 1. The FWO website offers a shop, I am not sure if all these titles are still available but it certainly is worth having a look!

Maybe, in the near future, we will be able to review one of the recent releases by Robert Pot.

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