Future World Orchestra (Pot, Heupink)

Future World Orchestra was a Dutch synthesizer group by musicians Robert Pot and Gerto Heupink, who scored several hits in the early 1980s. Robert Pot developed a taste for symphonic rock groups such as Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Yes. He saved up his own keyboard instruments and a recording studio and in 1980 he met Gerto Heupink, with whom he started making music under the name Future World Orchestra. Future World Orchestra was founded in 1981.

They arranged a record deal with Dureco and recorded several demos. One of these demos was noticed by TROS DJ Wim van Putten, who regularly played the songs in his program LP-show.

he single Roulette was used by the Radio Show NOS Tour de France in 1983.

Their first single Desire, in which they collaborated with the project The Limit by Bernard Oattes and Rob van Schaik, was released on October 16, 1981 and thanks to the radio program De Avondspits by Frits Spits, it became a modest hit.

Due to differences of opinion about the musical direction to choose, and the economic malaise that also hit the record industry, Pot and Heupink decided in 1985 not to continue as a musical duo.

Today Future World (without Project) is continued by Robert Pot. Gerto Heupink has become a well-known producer and it seems he is about to release a new album….


  • Desire (Dureco 1981), #14 in the Top 40, #40 in the National Hit Parade
  • I’m Not Afraid Of The Future (Dureco 1982), #26 in the Top 40, #40 in the National Hit Parade
  • Captain Coke (Dureco 1982)
  • Theme From E.T. (Dureco 1983), #20 in the Top 40, #21 in the National Hit Parade
  • Roulette (Dureco 1983), #29 in the Top 40, #25 in the National Hit Parade Miracle (Dureco 1983)
  • Don’t go (Dureco 1985)
  • Mission Completed (LP, Dureco 1982)
  • Turning Point (LP, Dureco 1983)
  • The best of Future World Orchestra (LP and CD, Dureco 1987)
  • The hidden files (cd, 2000) (as Future world)

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