AJHSynth – MiniMod Keyz

Complete AJH Synth systems now available. First up the MiniMod Keyz – equivalent of a Minimoog, plus extra modules, pre-installed…

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Build an ARP Odyssey yourself

The new ARP Odyssey FS Kit from Korg offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to build their very own ARP Odyssey FS duophonic synthesizer. Featuring the…

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Synthesizer Survey 1972

The following article contains an interesting synthesizer survey in 1972, published in the Studio Sound magazine Obviously not a lot…

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Arturia MS-20 filter (free)

Arturia have revealed Filter MS-20, an effects plug-in which uses the company’s True Analog Emulation technology to model the filter section of…

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Pocket-size soundmakers

This article was produced by Mark Jenkins for Synths & Software. The original article can be found here. Please note…

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