GENESYS 23 – The course of origin – 01/28/2023 – Planetarium Bochum

“The creation of my music is an ongoing process of combining emotional compositional elements with a universal sound to create a special sound structure. The tonal stories I want to tell with it create imaginary and visible universes that hopefully cannot be escaped. Just like GENESYS 23”

Stefan Erbe, Astromedia musician and host of the planetarium show Sound of Sky, opens his concert year with a spectacular new project. GENESYS 23 is a true first in electronic music, as the musical concert content on January 28th will be the first version of his new 2023 album, with more versions to follow throughout the year.
Erbe’s current concept of systematic development is thus an exciting creative process in which he will constantly change and renew the music and incorporate compositional elements, tracks and new ideas. His Sound of Sky mixes ambient elements with the sound of the pioneers of electronic music and often creates a very unique cinematic style.

As always, Klaus-Dieter Unger accompanies the evening with his atmospheric and extremely impressive dome projection, which will also visually offer a deep look into the origins of the universe.
For the premiere concert visitors on 28.1. is the first version of the digital album edition of GENESYS 23 – the course of origin included and can be downloaded free of charge (detailed information in the evening).

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