(Updated) Giles/Reaves/Sparks – Dreaming in Arctic blue

Update July 8th, 2022: this album is now also available as physical Compact Disc.

Tony Gerber, Giles Reaves and Sally Sparks’ new release, “Dreaming in Arctic Blue”, was recorded live at the Mountain Skies Festival in May, 2022. The album is an improvisational exploration of cinematic and contemplative soundscapes performed on modern electronic instruments. The music, full of texture yet lyrical, often sounds composed but engages the listener with the creative energy of live improvisation.

The album can be found (listened and purchased) on the bandcamp site of Tony Gerber.

  • Released June 15, 2022 
  • Produced by Gerber, Reaves & Sparks 
  • Recorded by Giles Reaves 
  • Layout & Design by Tony Gerber 
  • Iceland photo by Sally Sparks 
  • Band photo by Geary Yelton 
  • Recorded live performance at Mountain Skies 2022 at White Horse Theatre Black Mountain, NC 

Tony Gerber plays electric piano, mellotron and waldorf blofeld 
Giles Reaves plays Hydrasynth 
Sally Sparks plays Haken Continuum