(Updated) Great Synthesizer tracks by Greater Synth artists.

Update October 9th, 2022: the Album that was announced in August, is available for some time now. Any of you have purchased it, or listened to it? We are interested in some reviews.

Well, this is another way of putting together a ‘best of’ synthesizer tracks. Hold your breaths: what about the 8 greatest synth tracks played by 8 different musicicans: Jordan Rudess, Wakeman, Sherinian, Downes, and more featured in all-star collection Synthesizer Classics.

Some of the most heralded and widely-respected keyboardists on the planet have gathered together on a unique collection to offer their fresh new takes on some of the tracks that laid the foundation of electronic music and influenced thousands of synth-sational artists and players! Ever wonder what Mike Oldfield’s groundbreaking “Tubular Bells” might sound like in the hands of Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian? Or think that Moody Blues/Yes keyboardist Patrick Moraz would do a fantastic version of Jean-Michel Jarre’s superb “Oxygene?” Well, wonder no more as Synthesizer Classics has come to answer all of your synth-related prayers!

The new collection features all exclusive and brand new recordings by such world-renowned pros as Rick Wakeman, Asia’s Geoff Downes, Focus’s Thijs Van Leer, and Larry Fast, who along with several others, have reached back into the past and recreated classics by Kraftwerk, John Carpenter, and lots more!

The first single of this collection is already available – as a teaser: Jordan Rudess playing Giorgio Moroder‘s ‘The Chase

Synthesizer Classics will be available everywhere from August 12, 2022. Pick up your copy on CD or vinyl here or stream the album on all the major digital music platforms!


  1. Tubular Bells – Derek Sherinian
  2. Magic Fly – Rick Wakeman
  3. Pulstar – Geoff Downes
  4. Chase – Jordan Rudess
  5. Oxygene (Part 4) – Patrick Moraz
  6. Escape From New York – Thijs Van Leer
  7. Tour De France – Nyte Jewel
  8. Visitors – Larry Fast