German composer Hans Zimmer asked his girlfriend to marry him during a concert at London’s O2 Arena on Thursday. According to BBC News, the 65-year-old Oscar winner had his partner Dina De Luca take the stage and asked her in front of the audience, “Will you marry me?”

Her nod was met with a standing ovation by the audience. The composer, who has composed dozens of movie hits, first left his girlfriend uncertain as to why she should come on stage. “I want to ask you something important, but what again?” joked Zimmer. “Did you close the back door? Is the milk even in the fridge?”

The composer has been married twice before. He has four children. Zimmer is currently on a tour of Europe. He is playing the highlights of his 40-year career. The composer was responsible for the music of such classics as The Lion King, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean. The composer has been nominated for an Oscar 12 times. Twice he managed to bag the nomination. He won the awards with his contribution to The Lion King and Dune.