Has Behringer got insane?

Again a new Behringer synth is in the plans: a mini-brother for the announced VCS3. As they introduced the plans: “Since we shared with you the pics of our upcoming VCS3, many people got so excited, that they asked for an affordable AKS synth that has the exact same sound signature. Here’s a draft proposal only and we’d love to get your feedback. We believe we could produce it for an estimated price of US$ 99.

Update May 21, 2022: Behringer wrote “Some time ago we showed you a draft of our AKS Mini, a scaled down version of the VCS3 but with the exact same oscillators, filters etc. and of course the magic sound. We received such great feedback that we decided to simply build a prototype. And here it is:-) But we haven’t yet decided if we’ll build it and maybe we’ll keep it just keep it for ourselves – just kidding:-) Retail price is targeted at US$ 99. Of course the final unit will have the USB-C connector:-) Collaborate with our synth developers, share your ideas and get a chance to win free synthesizers by participating in our activities at our “Synthesizer and Drums Behringer Music Tribe” FB Group.

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