Help us getting the best Electronic Music on Radio

  • Are you into synthesizer music?
  • Do you want to help getting the best ever Electronic Tracks aired on radio?

Then help us with two easy steps: (1) Name three of your most favorite electronic tracks and (2) make sure we can get back to you (note: below the images you’ll find an explanation of the smart part of this poll).

  1. NOW vote for your 3 best ever electronic tracks in this poll
  2. AFTER you have voted, please make sure to do either one of the following:
  • leave your e-mail address in the poll, OR
  • subscribe our facebook group

Why? After we have collected your entries and compiled the Top-35 of best Electronic Tracks ever, we will come back to you and ask you to enter the Top-35 into the Dutch NPO2 Radio Top-2000 list. This has to be done before December 7th 2023.

A big thank you for your help, electronic musicians will be very thankful for your support!

The form can be found here (or just use the QR code)

Here is the smart part about how we will be using your votes

First of all: no tricks, no advertisements, no commercial involvment, nothing to sell. Just for the love for Electronic Music.

We will publish about the progress of this poll on our website and in our facebook group. So make sure you stay connected to follow us and let us inform you about progression and the time we need you for the final voting.

  1. At the end of this year, the Dutch NPO Radio 2 show “Top-2000” will be aired, with tons of listeners!
  2. Usually this is a pop & rock list, sometimes even with an Electronic Track such as Oxygene (Jarre) or Autobahn (Kraftwerk)
  3. But Electronic music never reaches the higher ranks in that list and we would like to change that!
  4. In the next couple of months (from today, February 26th, 2023) we collect your entries to create a Best ever Electronic Track list: the more entries, the better…
  5. When the list is ready, we will distribute the full list to all who responded to this poll
  6. End of this year, when the voting for the Dutch NPO Radio 2 Top-2000 show opens, we kindly ask you to individually enter the 35 best tracks.
  7. This only works when a lot of electronic fans fill out this vote, so ask your friends to join this poll, share it with facebook groups, instagram accounts and every other platform with which we can reach Synthesizer music fans.

If any questions do not hesitate to contact us through