Huge vintage sale by Audio Technic Switzerland

We found this interesting company collecting and restoring the most wanted Vintage Synthesizers and audio equipment: Audio Technic Switzerland. Important note: we are not in any kind involved in this sale, we just forward this news because we think it might be of interest for our readers. So please don’t ask us about prices or any other details – we don’t know 🙂 We advice you to contact Audio Technic Switzerland.

Audio Technic Switzerland AG is a business who is passionate about vintage synthesizers, drum machines and recorders. Our online store, services and our exceptional customer support allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home and buy some of the rarest and most desirable vintage synthesizers, drum machines and tape recorders of all time! We are flexible and helpful when trying to match you with the system or component you desire. All the products listed in our webshop can also be viewed in our exclusive showroom in Otelfingen, Switzerland. You can contact us to make an appointment for a product demonstration.

But some days ago we noticed the following post on facebook: “I know this post might upset some people, but on the other hand it could help people tremendously! I’m a big synth collector and decided to sell everything I have. People get upset about the prices, but forget that I always appreciate price offers from anyone. It’s not a scan either, because you can see everything in person and play it yourself her in Zurich.

The post was accompanied by some impressive pictures:

And recently the instruments for sale showed up on the Facebook page of Audio Technic Switzerland, so it seems to be a serious message. We review some items:

The legendary PPG Wave 2.3 outperforms any digital synthesizer by a mile! The sound is iconic and infectious. A workhorse and a must have for any synth player. State of the art digital technology that can’t be duplicated. The best digital synthesizer ever built. This PPG Wave 2.3 can be connected to a Waveterm B, which gives you a complete 8-track recording and sampling system. The sample library is out of this world.

The Korg Lambda is a pretty unique synthesizer that offers amazing features for its time, such as sound layering, percussive sounds, chorus and much more! All keys respond like a dream, the synthesizer is in excellent technical condition. It has a beautiful wood finish on which you can place all your favourite foot pedals or a mono synthesizer, or you can use it as a piece of furniture in your home, speaking of practicality!

What you see here is the real deal! This is not a reissue, THIS IS IT! The one and only Fairlight CMI IIx! This unit belonged to the Bee Gees / Pet Shop Boys keyboard player Blue Weaver! This is the holy grail of Fairlights! This unit comes with some original Pet Shop Boys, Scritti Politti, Steve Nye and tons of other floppies! The Fairlight IIx has been personally signed by Blue Weaver and even has his phone number written on it! Don’t let this one slip out of your fingers, because it won’t be around for long. There are only a few working Fairlights IIx left and none in as good condition as this one! When you own this piece of history, you can truly say “I made it” We wanted to keep Blue Weaver’s Fairlight as original as possible. Any upgrades and CRT replacements can be done for free upon request if you are interested in purchasing the unit. Who knows when the next unit will show up? Personally, I wouldn’t risk losing this piece of history!

Here we have the Voyetra 8 synthesizer. A synthesizer so rare and hard to find that you can only dream about it. This one blows away all other synthesizers with its fat 8 voice polyphony, so we don’t have to explain why this Voyetra 8 has become one of the most sought after and best sounding synthesizers ever! Maybe this is the last time you will see this particular one, but who knows another one will appear? Maybe in 100 years or never? Don’t miss out on this one! We can guarantee that this is the most complete Voyetra package, it has the sturdy circuit boards inside, the IBM software, the VPK-5 keyboard, the IBM 5150 computer, special hard-to-find connector cables, and a whole lot more! The key jacks have also been redesigned to make it play like a dream. We dare you to find a more complete Voyetra package than this.

Like its older brother (Waveterm A), the Waveterm B is a state-of-the-art instrument that is still used by many top studios around the globe. The Waveterm B features – 16 bit sampling, 5.25 inch floppy disk drive, WAVE 2.3 plays samples with 12 bit resolution (compressed), sequencer on board, storage of patches and the possibility to load multiple samples into the PPG 2.3

There is much …. much more. Visit the Audio Technic Switzerland website.