Another Update: Ian Boddy published some nice pictures of the live performance last Saturday. More pictures can be found on his FB Page. Please note that these (c) pictures are courtesy of Wendy Carroll Photography.

Update: Ian wrote: “Night time rehearsing. Tickets still available for my upcoming modular gig supported by¬†Polypores¬†at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on 30th April.

Ian Boddy, label boss of DiN records, will perform live in Liverpool, april 30, 2022.

This news message was reproduced from Sound on Sound magazine: “Two of the DiN label artists will be performing live electronic music at Liverpool’s Capstone Theatre in a ‘not to be missed’ concert for fans of modular synths.First on will be Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley), who paints music with a modular synthesizer, drawing influences from ambient, new age, and experimental electronics. His music soars, bubbles, crackles, and soothes, in ever-shifting, immersive cosmic landscapes which create lush dream environments and restless sonic sculptures.The second half of the concert features DiN label boss Ian Boddy, a veteran of the UK synth scene who has been running DiN Records for over 20 years and recently reached the milestone of 100 album releases.  Ian uses modular synths live to create compelling sonic journeys that evolve organically, ebbing and flowing with influences ranging from the classic Berlin School pioneers to modern day synth modulations.”

Ticket info: Ticket quarter.

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