Ian Boddy writes: “This is a new venture for me in that I’m releasing this album on another label, not on DiN. The Quiet Details label is a wonderful UK ambient label where each artist invited to participate renders their own interpretation of the phrase “quiet details”. If this label isn’t already on your radar it really should be. Here is their press release….”

For the next interpretation of quiet details, we have a true innovator active in the music world since the late 70s – the pioneering composer and sound artist, Ian Boddy.

Since the early days experimenting with synths and tape machines inspired by the likes of Tangerine Dream, Ian has forged a career at the leading edge of analogue synthesis, digital sound design and beyond – recording many solo albums and running the iconic DiN label, bridging the gap between the early synth records and modern explorations. He’s also a highly-accomplished live performer – playing all over the world to much acclaim.

With Modal Operandi, he has made a truly wonderful and deeply thoughtful interpretation – entirely in the analogue domain, with each track based on a highly-processed field recording. The album is constructed in the key of C Major, with each successive track moving through the musical modes of that scale – as is apparent in track names – Ionian, Dorian and so on.

Ian is a master synthesist – each track uses a stunning array of classic and modern synth and effects – from classic Roland and EMS, to Serge and Eurorack modular, to modern Moog and Buchla to name a few. Vast and strange worlds are conjured with rich and highly textured synthesis and by using multiple reverbs and delay, again all analogue to create organic and beautifully vibrant soundscapes.

Ian is one of few technical geniuses that has the capacity to use these skills in a uniquely musical way – melodies and harmonies blend perfectly with each other as each track develops – this is an album of beauty in every respect.

As Ian says: “a sonic journey in seven musical modes”

Full kit list:

  • Roland system 100-M, Serge & Eurorack modulars
  • Moog Matriarch & Voyager
  • Buchla Easel Command, VCS3 & Resonant Garden
  • French Connection & 0-coast
  • Treated field recordings
  • Analogue phaser & flanger
  • BBD & tape echo
  • Spring reverb

Huge thanks to Ian for this wonderful album and being a part of the series.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album – we started with an original piece of art by Ian’s partner, Wendy Carroll, a hugely talented artist, which was then captured with analogue photography and processed here at quiet details studios.

As usual, the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too. The CD also has a special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in its purest form.

  • Credits:
  • Music by Ian Boddy
  • Mastered by Alex at quiet details studios
  • Artwork by quiet details in collaboration with Wendy Carroll
  • Design by quiet details
  • copyright © quiet details 2024 all rights reserved

Release date 28th February 2024 on the Quiet Details label on CD & digital

More info at Quiet Details.