The new album Alien_55 by Intelligentsia has seen the light…. the title of this music project is a word play on ‘Area-51’ (with an ironic reference to the author) consisting of 4 very different musical pieces, all constructed to be a quarter of an hour each exactly. A one hour soundtrack that ventures across upbeat Synth Pop, atmospheric Film score, euphoric Electronic Opera, and finales with dark tribal experimentation. 

Featuring the operatic and ethereal voices of mezzo-sopranos Bronwen Stephens, Adey Bell, and male tenor Robin Whitehouse. These four 15 minute tracks vary wildly, born from music specifically created for live performance, while experimenting in the sampled sounds of unique objects such as Handpan drums, Tone pipes, Euler’s discs and a Newton’s cradle. 

“ALIEN-55” starts with a full synth-rock anthem, moving to film score, followed by 2 Yin/Yang tracks exploring optimism/pessimism.  For a more detailed rundown of each track and how they were made, see below: 

  • Released November 11, 2022 
  • Composed, channeled and probed by MIRAI. 
  • Thanks to Bronwen Stephens, Robin Whitehouse, Bastiaan Winde (Netherlands), Ian “BigBubbleMan” Russell (Euler’s Disc), Abi Fallows (Tobar Tone Pipe) and Zen Ad Astra (Video CGI Art). 

“And now it’s digital. And these waves have been moving us through the 20th century and the 21st century is all going to be digital. Marshall McLuhan said it: It’s a Global Village, linked together by electricity and light. And we are just lucky. We are the luckiest people that ever lived, to be alive at this moment, when we can see what’s happening – we are finally going to have, what Marshall McLuhan predicted: A GLOBAL VILLAGE” – Timothy Leary, 1995 

More info on Intelligentia’s Bandcamp page.