Mirai, the main brain behind UK based electronic group Intelligentsia, announced a new album Alien-55.

  • Release date ETA: 4th Sept 2022
  • 4 different musical experiences, exactly 15 mins each:
  • 1.Live Life Loud (MonuMental Mix)
  • 2.OVNI (part.1) (part.2) (part.3) (part.4) (part.5)
  • 3.Global Village (World Citizen Mix)
  • 4.Overlords Credits: Music & Video: Mirai.
  • Mezzo Soprano Opera Vocals: Bronwen Stephens (and Adey Bell)
  • Various Nebula, Overlord & Global Village CGI: Zen Ad Astra Source videos: Pexels & Internet Archive

And Mirai told us there is more to come, such as a new song in October and another new album in December.

More info on Intelligentsia’s website.